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Distance Learning Guide

Once upon a time an undergraduate degree was enough education for the average person, enabling him or her to attain a job that paid good wages and benefits. However, higher degrees are now the starting point for new hires, and employees with only undergraduate degrees are returning to school to remain competitive.

online classes provide mobilityFor many, attending day classes would mean no income and no way to take care of children. This is where distance learning comes in. If you are one of the many people who needs to work, care for family, and attend classes, there is a good chance you will benefit from distance education.

How It Works:

Their are many ways distance learning can work. The prime advantages are:

• Mobility–you can log in from anywhere as long as you have the internet

• Flexible times–many classes do not require specific hours to log in

• Cost–you can save money on transportation and often tuition as well

• Lecture times–in many cases you can read lecture materials faster than you can listen to it in class

• Flexible participation–in many courses you can respond whenever it is convenient for you as long as you make a deadline

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Internet Classes:

Many institutes offer a large number of courses through the internet. This means that you can log on to your class and receive video, audio, and written course material any time that is convenient. Note that some classes have stricter rules on this, so make sure you know what your professor expects in this regard. There also may be specific times for online class discussions, which are often through instant-messaging, and you should be aware of these before you sign up for your course.

You can post homework by e-mail in some of these courses, as well as consult with your professor by e-mail or telephone. Testing is often done through the internet as well, and sometimes you can take these whenever you wish as long as you meet a deadline.

Use of Conference Calls

Some classes make use of the telephone for some lecture and discussion material. Although you would have to be present at a specific time, you can call in to these class sessions from wherever you wish–and wherever you can. Employers who truly want to see their employees achieve higher education will allow the time necessary for you to participate and earn your degree.

Regardless of how your professors use technology for distance learning, you will find your new degree opens more doors for you.
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