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Laptop VS Desktop Computer

Both desktop and laptop computers have advantages and disadvantages. If you are trying to determine which option will best suit your needs, take a look at the advantages and benefits each of them offers.

laptopAdvantages of a desktop computer, as compared to a laptop computer:

• Desktop computers have more power and more features.

• Desktop computers are easier, and less expensive, to upgrade.

• Desktop computers are generally less expensive overall and offer a better overall value.

• Desktop computers have a more comfortable keyboard and a much easier to use mouse. It should be noted that an aftermarket large, comfortable mouse and mouse pad are also possible with a laptop.

• Desktop computers have larger monitors.

• Desktop computers are generally easier, and less expensive, to repair.

• Desktop computers have a lower risk of theft, which means less chance of losing your data and having to pay to replace your computer.

desktop computer

Advantages of a laptop computer, as compared to a desktop computer:

• Laptop computers are highly portable and allow you to use your computer almost anywhere.

• If you are an international student, a laptop computer will be much easier to transport from home to school and back again.

• Laptop computers take up less room on a desk or table and can be put away when not in use.

• Laptop computers have a single cord to contend with, rather than the multiple cords associated with desktop computer use.

While the list of advantages of a laptop computer may seem sparse when compared to a desktop computer, the deciding factor is portability. Being able to check email, chat online, write papers and play video games anytime, anywhere may be worth giving up power and functionality. This is particularly true if you use your computer primarily for checking email and completing schoolwork. If this is the case, you likely don’t need all of the functions and the increased power of a desktop computer. On the other hand, if you are a film student or an avid gamer, you may want to go with a desktop computer, unless you have the expendable income to purchase a high end laptop.

Essentially, the choice comes down to portability versus functionality and cost. While desktop computers are less expensive, more powerful and more user-friendly, there is a lot to be said for being able to do your homework in a coffee shop and writing term papers on the beach.