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Education Grants

The process of obtaining a degree in higher education is a noble pursuit; one that the United Kingdom government, UK businesses and even private citizenry are willing to help support financially. There are many grants available to both UK citizens and International students. Those who are willing to research some of the grants available for studies, will find that there is plenty of financing available for students that are serious about earning their degree in England or the rest of the UK.

student financing availableWhat follows is a relatively extensive list of the various grants that are available to students pursuing their degrees in the UK. Contact information is provided so that you can get the process of applying for grants in motion, without further delay.



Grants from Nationality Based Associations in the UK

1. British Chamber of Commerce in Germany Foundation Scholarship

This grant money is available to German students who wish to pursue their degrees in the UK. Students will be given a free flight, as well as a one time monetary award. The purpose of this grant is to foster good relations between the two countries.

• Contact Information:

The BCCG can be easily found on the internet, using your favorite search engine browser.

2. Egyptian Community Association in the UK

Grant money is available to students of Egyptian origin or direct descent, who are living in the UK while pursuing their degrees. Grant money is allotted in both one-off and recurring increments and can be paid toward tuition, books, fees, etc.

• Contact Information:

Tel: 020 7244 8925

3. Great Britain – China Educational Trust (GBCET)

Grant money is available to UK and Chinese students that are studying at the PhD level. Students can apply with the GBCET only after completing their first year of PhD level studies. Grant money is awarded in amounts of up to £5000.

• Contact Information:

GBCET website @

4. ScotsCare

Grant money is available to students that are either Scottish, or are the son and daughter of a Scot. In order to be eligible for this grant money, you must have resided within 35 miles of Charing Cross, London for a minimum of two years.

• Contact Information:
See the ScotsCare website @

grant applicationCompetitive Grants and Scholarships

1. Wingate Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students with proven potential or a high standard of academic excellence. These students must demonstrate a desire to pioneer an original work of redeeming social, environmental or academic value. Funding may continue for up to three years of study and the top award per year is £10,000.

• Contact Information:
Information can be found on the Wingate Scholarships Website @

2. Deutsche Bank Bursary

Grants are available to students who are eager to enter the Banking industry, who demonstrate excellence in academics and a great drive to do well in the industry. Grant money can be received for up to three years, at a maximum of £3000 per year. In addition, mentoring by a Deutsche Bank professional is provided and a possible Analyst internship may be made available to the most promising students.

• Contact Information:
Deutsche Bank Bursary website @

Grants for Low-Income Students

1. Richard Reeve’s Foundation

These grants are available to low income students who need financial backing in order to pursue a degree in higher education. Strict residency restrictions apply. Students may also apply if they do not meet the residence criteria but have studied in certain districts of London for the last 12 months. In exceptional cases, students of up to 40 years old have been allowed to apply.

• Contact Information:
Information is available on the Richard Reeve’s Foundation website @

2. Foyer-UNIAID Accommodation Bursary Scheme

This grant money is distributed primarily for accommodation support. Special consideration is given to students with serious demonstratable need.

• Contact Information:
Grant information is available on the Uniaid website @

Those who are willing to research some of the grants available for studies, will find that there is plenty of financing available for students that are serious about earning their degree in England or the rest of the UK.
Remember to be persistent when contacting grant bodies and ask good questions. The student’s who do their research, apply for multiple grants, and stay motivated are the ones who usually end up with being awarded with free grant money for their education.