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England MBA Testimonials

As a global economy begins to affect every facet of a collective society, many are finding themselves weighing their educational options in an effort to maximize their career choices. Pursuing an MBA is an option many are choosing. Considering the lifetime potential a Master’s degree offers, it becomes an easy decision to make and worth the investment.
going back to school for a mba degreeA recent graduate sums it up nicely. Denise Myers knows her decision will affect every career move she now has access to.

“It never occurred to me I might become restless once I’d hit the proverbial ‘career ceiling’, but that’s exactly what happened. I knew that until and unless I received my MBA, I’d not only continue to feel restless, but I’d limit my possibilities and severely limit the number of positions I’d qualify for.”

“The avenues that have opened as a result of this one decision will lead me to roads I’d never have been able to travel. I’m now in a challenging position and finally, the sky’s the limit – instead of the ceiling. Would I do it again? I most certainly would!”

First Things First

If you’re already in a career and wondering how you’ll fit a course load into your schedule, now’s the time to take an inventory of what’s truly important. Remember, this choice will take a definitive block of time out of life as you now know it, but the fact is, it’s temporary. It’s a small sacrifice to maengland mba schoolke once you’ve weighed the benefits of what a future looks like with your MBA. Most agree once they’re able to put it in perspective, it becomes clear and the decision is easily made.

Fortunately, England has some of the most renowned schools in the world. Not only that, but the courses offered are as varied as the educational institutes themselves. Challenging and competitive? Absolutely. But you have to ask yourself: Would you prefer to be unchallenged and restless in a career you mastered years ago or be challenged, confident and take responsibility for an incredible future, courtesy of your MBA?

Moving forward with your pursuit of an MBA is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Of the many things we may look back on in our lives and might regret, choosing to continue an education is never one of those regrets; but it is your decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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