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Student Packing Guide

Packing items for college can be daunting. What do you take? You certainly don’t want to forget an essential item that will be needed later. Alternatively, you don’t want to pack so many things that you can’t fit them into your dorm room. Here are ten essentials that you should pack:
external usb drive1. Laptop computer and printer. College computer labs may be short of computers, leaving you waiting for one when you need to write or print a paper. Taking a computer and printer will save you time and frustration.

2. Alarm clock. You can’t afford to oversleep and miss your classes.

3. Cell phone. Your dorm room may come equipped with a phone, but if you have a roommate, you will lose all privacy when making a call. Also, a cell phone usually provides better rates per minute, which is essential when you’re homesick and are talking with your family and friends back home.

4. External USB drive. Your computer may crash, get stolen, or just break. Having an external drive, and making sure to back it up regularly, prevents you from losing data that you may have spent years collecting.alarm clock

5. Shower basket. Your dorm room will most likely not have its own bathroom, so you will need a basket to carry your shampoo, toothbrush, and other hygiene items.

6. Bed linens. You will need sheets and pillows for your bed. Check with your dormitory to find out what size mattresses are being used; in some cases, you will need to purchase extra long fitted sheets.

7. Snacks. Beef jerky, popcorn, drinks, and chips will all come in handy when you are up late and studying for that final exam.

8. Laundry detergent and change. Buy some cheap detergent now and save it for college. Most college campuses sell laundry detergent, but at a premium. You will be doing your laundry at coin-operated machines, so bring coins too.

9. Backpack. Certain classes may be located far away from your dorm room. You will need a backpack to carry books for several classes at a time.

10. CD player/iPod and earphones. You will want some good music as you walk around campus or study. Bring earphones so you don’t annoy your roommate.

While there are many more things that you can bring with you to college, these ten are essential. Be sure to include these items in your shopping list.