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Student Accommodation Tips

The years a student spends in higher education can be some of the best years of his or her life. Living with other students can be a wonderful experience or it can be catastrophic, depending on the students involvement and circumstances. Resident Halls are the most common accommodation and that means living with other students.

students studyingHere are a few tips for student accommodation that can help ensure a great experience and the building of lifelong friendships:

1) Screen your roommates carefully if you’re given a choice

Combining the living spaces of several students into one location can be a stimulating and rewarding experience for the extroverts. If you’re on the shy side, or prefer a quiet group to study with, pick quieter roommates.

2) Divide the bills evenly

Some students are far less responsible than their roommates and tend to let their part of the finances slide. Resentment is quick to build when everyone has to foot the bill for a fellow student who can’t seem to pay his share of the money.

3) Respect private space

This is one of the crucial tips for student accommodation that can destroy an otherwise great living situation. In tight quarters the private space may be as small as a closet, side of a room, or even a dresser drawer. Whatever it is, enter only with permission.

churchill college cambridge student halls4) Carry your part of the load

Everyone has to clean the bathroom and the kitchen sometime. Don’t shirk on your part of the responsibility. Student accommodations can get messy and it will take everyone to keep the place tidy and healthy.

5) Think about someone else before you think about yourself

Put your roommates’ interests above your own. Life will be far more enjoyable when everyone is concerned about the feelings, property, and studies of each other.

6) Be open and honest

Hostilities and frustrations that build up guarantee a blow-out that may cause problems that can’t be fixed. Everyone brings different standards and expectations to group living and it’s in everyone’s best interests to put get them into the open. Disagreements can be managed more amiably when you’re willing to be both open and willing to listen to others.

If you follow this student accommodation guide then you should be fine when it comes time to share your living space with new roommates who for some might become lifelong friends.

students moving in day