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Why Study Abroad in England

England’s historical significance has been felt by the entire world at one time or another and no branch of science, drama, art, writing, or industry can claim to be untouched by the innovations and expansions of this relatively small island kingdom. In fact, geographically, England appears somewhat insignificant in size and population. Consider the following statistics:

•    England’s area measures just 244,820 square kilometers
•    It has a population of 60 million. A pittance compared to Asian countries

study abroad in england

England artifacts of ancient history dot the land such as Stone Henge, the Tower of London, and the town of Nottingham made famous in Robin Hood.  England is the home of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Jane Austin, and many more amazing poets and authors. England’s literary heritage alone draws many to visit every year, not to mention the popular mythology of King Arthur.

tower of london

England also boasts some of the finest universities in the world including Cambridge and Oxford, two of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. England host hundreds of courses available for credit and without much effort these courses can count towards credit wherever you call home.

So, why “Study abroad in England”. The opportunity will widen horizons, broaden cultural understanding, and perhaps even teach you something about yourself. At the same time, you will gain international credit that will liven up your resume. But even the educational benefits will never accurately reflect the experience of living abroad- It is irreplaceable!

famous stone henge