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University Clearing Guide

Every year thousands of students may have to face up to the uncomfortable fact that they have failed to make the grade for a course they have selected.

The good news is that every year thousands of students are also able to place into an alternative course through the clearing process, literally. Annually an average of 40,000 positions is filled through clearing. Don’t panic, the hard part may not be over but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

student_hard at work during clearingThe first step of the clearing process for any student is researching all available alternatives. Before making any calls or accepting any offers, find out what else is out there. Most university websites will offer up to date information on courses.

Know what a course entails and what it has to offer; avoid prematurely committing to a course that may not fit expectations and don’t forget to visit Ucas to make sure that clearing will actually be necessary.

student conducting clearing researchUnless an intermediary is nominated on the Ucas form, get ready not only to do some research but to also make some phone calls. Sometimes simply summoning the fortitude to dial the phone puts off a few potential candidates but remember, the university needs to fill its courses and needs students to pursue clearing to do so. These days much of what needs to be done can be accomplished online at the Ucas online track service website.

Often the process is much less daunting than it seems, especially when the applicant has all of their info ready, has researched the courses available and is prepared to take responsibility for their academic career.

Don’t be afraid to select a course that was not a first pick, lots of related courses can lead to similar goals. On the other hand, don’t feel pressured into accepting something that won’t work. Ultimately, take solace in the fact that there are many options out there for the aspiring academic.