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Top 10 Tips for Clearing

According to the Ucas web site, Clearing is a process for students who have not found a place in university (for a variety of reasons) and who still wish to attend. Clearing helps thousands of people find placement every year, so if you have been turned down by the universities you applied to, you can benefit from Clearing. Here are the top ways to prepare for Clearing– think of them as steps to success, and a guide to using time to your advantage.

potential students during clearing

1. Pull yourself up–Clearing gives you a second chance.

2. Before you turn to Clearing, make some phone calls to the schools that turned you down–you may yet be able to talk them into admitting you.

3. If step 2 fails, start refreshing course work and review test materials. You may decide to revisit your exams in a year.

4. Gather all important paperwork concerning your education to have it ready for any future forms.

5. Check the Ucas Clearing website and study the programs that have openings.

student clearing hotline6. Make a list of questions to ask when you call a university’s Clearing hotline–by then you need to be well informed about the course.

7. Be positive when you speak to universities, not depressed. Attitude is important.

8. Consider related majors. For instance, if you originally wanted a degree in mathematics, perhaps computer science would be more suitable.

9. Think carefully about the future. If you were turned down as a business student, take the opportunity to reconsider a business degree–perhaps you really wanted to be a music teacher. You are preparing for your life’s work, not just a few years out of graduation.

10. Consider all options. If you get an offer, think carefully about it carefully before you accept. Wait as long as you can to see if another, more suitable opportunity comes up.

In the end, if you are offered a place through Clearing, only accept if you are passionate about the course. You are preparing for your life’s work, so make the right decision