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Student Health Guide

If you are going abroad to study in England, one of the first considerations for you will be health. Although good habits account for much of good health, what if you should become ill or injured while you are so far from home? Here is a short England student health guide to help you.

england doctorCommon Sense

Prevention is the best medicine. By now you should have good hygiene and know how to eat right. You’ve been told that washing your hands frequently can help prevent disease transmission, and drinking plenty of fluids can help you recover quickly if you should come down with a mild illness.

For optimum health, avoid remedies that may amount to snake oil. There is no miracle berry from the Amazon; no company makes a magic pill that will prevent virus incubation; puncturing your skin with needles and lighting fire to the ends will not improve your overall health and wellbeing. Nothing can replace good nutrition, cleanliness, avoiding people who try to sell you good health in a bottle, and seeking a physician when you need to.

Finding a Doctor

As a college student in England, you probably will have a health clinic right on campus. Often students can be treated there free of charge. Some schools have satellite clinics off campus, or have worked out an agreement with other clinics that are not related to the university. Check with the college of your choice for the details on health care.
stdent health clinic

Foreign students who attend England colleges and universities will likely need to obtain and submit a certificate of insurance of some kind. For instance, European Union students will need to get a European Health Insurance card before they arrive in England.

Some students may find traveler’s insurance will work best for them. Traveler’s insurance plans often include long term coverage for people who must travel internationally for long periods. You can obtain plans that are as good or better than many ordinary major medical plans, but you should also check with the college of your choice to make sure it will be accepted and will be adequate for your needs.

Although there may be other considerations for your school or yourself–for instance, if you are disabled you may need additional coverage–these are your overall concerns. As with anything else, make sure you are adequately covered according to your school’s requirements before you set off for England’s shores.

health insurance card